Inquiry Update – Vocabulary

So far I have completed all the vocabulary that Julian set out for Mackenzie and I. Some of the phrases and words include:

  • Goodbye
  • How are you?
  • I am good.
  • What is your name?
  • My name is [x] .
  • Do you know ASL?
  • Are you deaf?
  • Can you finger spell?
  • Do you
  • I’m hungry. (food is fingers to mouth)
  • I’m thirsty. (water is three fingers to the mouth)
  • Where is the bathroom?
  • Where is the hospital?
  • I need help with this.
  • What time is it?
  • How do I go to [x] ?
  • Where can I buy clothes?
  • Where is a gas store?
  • I’m looking for (x).

We are now planning some times for Mackenzie and I to converse only in sign language so we can get the hang of actually using the language. Our goal is to have an entire day of signing by the end of this project.

Poem – Anxiety

I am anxiety

I know you

Better than you know yourself

I know your hopes

And Dreams

I know your fears

And lies

I know how to change your

Motivation to


Friends to



To war,


To prison


To coffin

I know you

I am you

I will always be with you

To steal your freedom

To crush your happiness

ASL – Mid Point Update

Mackenzie, Julian and I are about half way through our inquiry and things are going very well. I have mastered finger-spelling and about 150 words in ASL such as: red, dog, please, store etc. I understand how sentence structure works, only the basic words are put in as the language is very blunt and simplified. For example instead of saying ‘how are you’ I would sign, ‘how you’ with a questioning facial expression to replace tone. I am on pace with the goals set and am positive that we will finish this inquiry on time.

Inquiry 2 – ASL Update 1

I am learning ASL (American sign language) for my second and final inquiry of this school year. I am teamed up with Mackenzie and Julian. Julian is teaching and helping Mackenzie and I learn how to sign. So far I have learned finger-spelling, which is the alphabet. Finger spelling is mainly used when signing names or words that you don’t know the sign for. We started by just practicing the alphabet but Mackenzie and I have moved on to spelling words out to each other in conversation.  I also previously knew some sign language and have been using a website the past week to learn more. I am keeping a record of all the words I know off by heart and will be updating it weekly. Right now I know around 55 words plus finger-spelling.