My Predictions – Feminism Survey

Since I have no other experience researching or studying the subject of youth and feminism I was curious to see if people would say what I predicted that they would. Before I conducted my survey I wrote down some of my predictions so I could compare the actual results.

My main predictions were the following, about 50% of students would be educated about feminism when in reality about 78% of students were properly educated about feminism. I also thought that more females than males would consider themselves feminists and that ended up being true with 15% more females being feminists than males.  I predicted that at least one person would believe that feminism is misandry but I was but I was pleasantly surprised to find that nobody had that impression. I figured that for the question, should feminism be called feminism the majority of people would say that it shouldn’t be called feminism. As it turned out quite a few people said that it shouldn’t be called feminism at 35% but the majority said it should at 43%.

I am very happy with the results of my survey it was very interesting to see what people had to say about this topic. I am glad that I now have a much more information and knowledge about what youth believe about feminism.


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