Feminism Survey

The question that I am hoping to answer with my survey is what do youth understand about feminism? I am interested to see what the results are because I know that feminism is a heavily debated and controversial topic among adults and I want to see what youth know and have picked up about it.

In order to make the best survey that I could I did an abundant amount of research. I first researched how to make a good survey in general. My main findings in this area were that to make a good survey it must be simple yet detailed, unbiased, short, thorough, and edited. I then moved on to researching feminism. I only tipped the edge of the iceberg when it came to research this topic because I could’ve spent hours researching this huge topic and had so much more to learn. This was definitely the most interesting part of my research as I was and am really excited to learn as much as I can about it. A few of the things I learned about feminism is that it is super complex with a huge history. Women have been fighting for their rights for decades and though we have had many small victories we have a long way to go. I learned that the word feminism is a very controversial part of the movement and one of the main reasons many people who support gender equality are not feminists. There is also so much erasure and silencing of women and women’s issues. Honestly I could write a whole post about what I researched and I probably will but for the sake of keeping this somewhat short I’ll stop here. After I finished my research on feminism I looked at other feminism and sexism surveys that I could find online. I will link them below of you are interested.

Now it was time to start constructing my survey. I started with very rough basic questions and did a lot of deleting, rewriting, and formatting. I came across quite a few challenges during my writing process. My first one was my survey being too broad and unfocused. I had to do a lot of deleting and rethink exactly what I was hoping to find out with my results but I managed to shorten and centralize my questions. My next challenge was making sure my questions weren’t biased. I am obviously a feminist so making sure that my questions didn’t portray my beliefs was difficult and I’m not quite sure I succeeded in making my survey completely unbiased. After countless edits and run-throughs I finally felt ready to run my survey.

The actual process of conducting my survey was surprisingly the easiest part of my project. All of the students seemed happy enough to help with my inquiry and everyone finished it quickly and seriously without complain. The whole ordeal went without any bumps and I am quite content with how it went.

I will discuss the results of my survey in another post. Overall I am feeling very positive on how my inquiry Is going. The research was for the most part quite fascinating, I managed to get through most of the challenges thrown my way and my surveying went better than I could’ve hoped. Now the fun part is analysing the results!

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