My inquiry

My inquiry question is, What do youth understand about feminism? I am making a survey with questions revolving around facts and myths about feminism and I will see what the students of the inquiry hub know and perceive about feminism.

I haven’t faced many challenges with my inquiry yet but I have had a few. There was a bit of an issue with finding a question that was not too broad to survey the students on. I had to change the direction I was initially going to go in a little bit but I managed to work it out. I also am a bit behind in where I would like to be because I’ve had to reinvent my question so I have to work very hard to get my survey out on time.

I still have quite a lot to do for my project. I need to polish off my survey and make sure that it is approved by Mr. Soiseth. I will then test run it on a few people so I know that it makes sense and has no errors. I then need to survey the school. Then I will analyze the results and put together my final presentation.


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